Our office is designed to be a home away from home with a very relaxed atmosphere.

We have toys in the waiting area for children, so never worry about bringing in the young ones. Dr. Pinner has children of his own as well as young patients from infants to teenagers so he is well versed in dealing with kids.

We Offer a Wide Range of Services in Our Office

IN OFFICE X-RAY MACHINE: This helps the doctor to evaluate the true cause of the symptoms. It is also a useful tool to help determine if you have conditions outside the scope of chiropractic.

PRIVATE THERAPY BAYS: A private room for your therapy that allows you to relax and unwind before your adjustment.

INTERSEGMENTAL TRACTION: This is a wonderful tool for chiropractors, its purpose is to stretch all of the soft tissue and joints of the spine. It’s hard for you to do better exercise for your spine in 20-30 minutes on your own, than you can get on just a few minutes of intersegmental traction. Patients rave about this therapy.

INTERFERENTIAL THERAPY: This is a type of electronic muscle stimulation that is very effective at releiving pain in addition to reducing muscle spasms and swelling related to soft tissue injuries.

CRYOTHERAPY: This is cold/ice therapy which is very useful at reducing pain and swelling in soft tissues and joints.