We believe there are six laws to obey for those who desire good health and longevity.

  1. Proper Hydration
    • the average adult should strive toward 1/2 gallon of pure water per day
    • two 8oz. glasses of water per day for school aged children
    • limit caffeinated beverages
    • alcohol in moderation
    • fruit juice should be limited in children who have not reached puberty
  2. Adequate Rest
    • between 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night is recommended for most adults
    • ideally sleep should be uninterupted
    • sleep on your back or side with proper spinal support
    • studies have shown that less than optimum amounts of sleep can have long term effects on health
  3. Moderate Exercise
    • the government now recommends 45 minutes of exercise per day minimum
    • walking daily is wonderful exercise that is easy on the joints
    • studies have shown that exercise with weights can be beneficial even for the older population
    • any exercise is better than none
    • if you have cardiovascular conditions consult with your physician
  4. Positive Mental Attitude
    • it is becoming more apparent that mental attitude has far reaching effects
    • the term placebo is essentially your mental capacity to heal yourself
    • NEVER underestimate your mental attitude in its relationship to your health
  5. Proper Nutrition
    • of all the things on my list this is the hardest for people to accept and master
    • good nutrition starts with a balanced diet based heavily on fruits and vegetables
    • whole grains/nuts/legumes(beans) should be the next major source of nourishment. The preceding groups should be the mainstay of anyone wishing to improve nutrition.
    • milk/milk products, eggs and meat, especially white meat and fish should be the next significant portion of your diet
    • your diet should be high in foods that promote glutathione production
    • fresh foods are always preferrable to processed foods
    • organically grown whenever possible
    • limit and when possible eliminate refined carbohydrates (white flour/white sugar etc…)
  6. Proper Nerve Supply
    • chiropractic removes interference from nerves
    • your nerves control and or influence every part of your body
    • pain is only a warning signal that the body can no longer adapt to damage being done
    • pain is your bodies version of the check engine light on your car, covering the light does not correct the problem
    • don’t cover up the pain, correct the cause
    • chiropractic check-ups for you and anyone you care about
    • we are only scratching the surface on the far reaching effects the nervous system has on our overall health
    • the more science advances the more we realize how important chiropractic care is to proper spinal function